buy organic

Most consumers by now have realised that many of the food items we buy are not grown in the country we reside in, nor are they guaranteed to be safe to consume. Increased numbers of foodborne illnesses are being reported worldwide, due to the unsafe growing conditions that are used by many of our food suppliers.

Illnesses such as Salmonella, Listeria and E Coli are causing food recalls to be announced each and every day. Suffering from any of these illnesses may be minor to some individuals, but for those with weakened immune systems, the elderly or the very young, they can become deadly.

Many consumers are trying their hand at organic gardening, to avoid the possibility of being diagnosed with a food born illness and to have the peace of mind that the food they are consuming, or feeding to their children, is as safe as it can possibly be. Unfortunately, others believe that higher powers will make sure that the food they purchase at a grocery store is safe, but that is not necessarily true. As stated, much of our produce is now coming from countries that do not have strict regulations on how the food is grown, processed or packaged, making it unsafe and possibly very dangerous to eat.

By growing your own organic vegetable garden, you can have a wide variety of fresh foods on hand for your families use. Not only are organic foods healthier and safer, the care of the garden can be a great way to get some needed sunshine and exercise. It can also be a combined effort with all of the family members helping. 

By purchasing seeds for your garden that have not been chemically engineered, you can do as they did in the past, and save seeds from your crop for the next planting season. Caring for your organic garden will mean you will need to research natural ways to fight insects and also organic ways of fertilizing the ground. Both of these methods use items that do not contain chemicals or toxins.