go green recycling

We all want to do our part to help save this fragile environment that we all live in. Man has nearly ruined our planet, the air and water, by polluting them with chemicals, smoke stacks and toxic waste that runs into our aquifer.

More and more people are trying to do their best to turn things around, and each of us can help in our own small way. Some ways to go green are free, such as recycling.

Recycling only requires a few minutes of your time each day, and is a great way to go green. Most times the city you reside in will even provide trash bags to you at no cost, just for participating in the local recycling program. By recycling the items you would normally throw away, you  will be doing your part to cut down on the massive amounts of trash that currently pollute our soil at large dump sites. If you are unsure which items are collected in the city in which you reside, call the local chamber of commerce for more information. Your regular garbage company may also have certain days of the week set asides to collect recycled items.

Another great way to go green is by purchasing small items such as grocery bags that are made out of recycled materials. Most grocery stores and department stores now offer these bags for sale, sporting their logo, for a minimal fee. Other styles of bags are available from organic shops online, or you can even decorate your own, so it will be personalized. 

We may not all be able to purchase large energy saving appliances or green, electric automobiles, but by doing our best, regardless of how small and insignificant it may seem, we can help the planet be a safer and healthier place to live, for ourselves and for future generations.