Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles

With soaring gasoline prices and an increase in the cost of food, people are searching for ways to cut back.

Hydrogen fueled vehicles as an alternative 

Recently, there has been a demand from customers for hydrogen fuel vehicles. With this type of car, you can use tap water in addition to gasoline to power the car. This hydrogen gas car project is a major achievement and offers a new solution to old problems. [1]

People expect them to achieve electrical efficiencies of around 40-45%  and this could potentially be increased. With this significant development in electrical power efficiency, gas-powered mobile vehicles show a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to an improved driving performance. [2]

Hydrogen gasoline mobile motor vehicles

Hydrogen fueled vehicles have now established themselves as more effective compared to vehicles with internal ignition. Toyota recently published the final results, which shows that an ordinary petrol car achieves a tank to wheel efficiency of only 16%, although the FCVH-4, which runs on hydrogen, indicating a tank to wheel efficiency of 48%. GM has also announced that fuel cell prototypes running on hydrogen have achieved twice the efficiency of conventional gasoline vehicles. However, only a few automakers are currently working on hydrogen-powered cars. But these are constantly improving and on the right track. One example, therefore, is Honda with its hydrogen-powered car, the FCX Clarity.

If petrol cars were to run on this type of fuel, which is pure natural gas, there could be a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.[3] However, one can assume that in the future the environmentally friendly vehicles that are powered by water will be just as successful as conventional models that use gasoline.



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