Planting trees

Tree planting services are useful in a variety of contexts, from sprucing up gardens and business facilities to regenerating a local area. In fact, people living within 100 metres of a higher density of street trees were found to have a lower rate of antidepressant prescriptions, a study published in Nature found1.

Being closer to trees and the natural environment makes us happier.  But, tree planting is more than just a service – it is a science and an art unto itself. 

Why do you need tree planting services?

We need tree planting services because trees need careful planning, knowledge of local species and an understanding of how they thrive. Correctly planting and looking after them from the outset is essential for their survival. A tree planting service should offer advice on ensuring healthy and long-lasting trees and shrubbery. Tree planting can add a dazzling array of natural colours, improve the soil and even help stop flooding in a local area. They can help create a diverse and interesting garden that attracts nesting birds and bears edible fruits.

In Dorset, schools are being encouraged to get pupils to spend time planting trees2. “The children love the forest school”, one school secretary told the Dorset Echo. “They are lucky enough to do these outdoor activities in a woodland environment. They do woodwork, make fires, toast marshmallows, build dens, whittle bows and play forest-themed games like ‘foxes and rabbits’.” Tree planting brings children closer to nature, creates more opportunities for them to bond and find new hobbies, and regenerates the local area.

Where are tree planting and forest expansion negatively affecting biodiversity?

Tree planting requires careful planning in advance, and sometimes it may not be healthy for a local area. For example, in the 1980s and 1990s, Scotland started draining peat bogs to replace them with planted trees. This was worse for the environment, as it released more carbon and destroyed local biodiversity. First, it is important to establish whether tree planting is the right decision. It is also important to select the right tree for the right place. Trees require the right soil type and may need maintenance. 

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